Songs for the Season

Unique Musical Programs


Welcome to Songs for the Season!  During the 2011 Holiday season, Dan entertained the local crowd at Bristol, Indiana’s Stone Soup Emporium with a full evening of “Santa Songs: A Christmas Cabaret.”  Following up on a noteworthy success he performed:

“Summer Songs: In the Season of Plenty”, a program of fun songs for fun times by Cole Porter, Burl Ives and others.

Christmas time saw a revision of Santa Songs in a more compact edition called “Carols and Kris Kringle” which promises to be the basis for an annual revival.

Upcoming seasons will see an edition of Spring Songs called “It’s Spring Again” A romantic remembrance of old-time tunes and stories celebrating renewal and new beginnings.  And also, “Another Autumn” from The Frost is on the Pumpkin to Harvest Home, this show will have everyone in the mood for apple picking and hay rides.

Also, in development “Lyrics by Shakespeare”, which is a winter-time program of Shakespeare’s Songs and Sonnets on the perplexity of love designed to warm your heart and tickle your funny-bone, perfect for Valentine’s seeking something different or for lovers of the Bard, featuring modern renditions of songs of the Renaissance by Shakespeare and his contemporaries.

Each program will be under an hour and portable for local and regional events.

Whether your group, club or venue wants to celebrate Christmas, St. Valentine’s Day or the old fashioned joys of Spring, Summertime or Harvest, Actor/Singer Daniel T. Johnson will have a program for you.


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