Songs for the Season

Unique Musical Programs

Summer Sounds

That’s What They Meant (By the Good Old Summertime) by Charles Tobias and Al Frisch recalls straw hats, barbershop quartettes, and summer romance. The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down (Friend and Franklin, 1936) tells of budding romance in an amusement park. Cole Porter’s Me and Marie takes romance to the silvery sands at the shore, surrounded by the transporting sounds of the calliope.

In Your Custom Made RV (music by G. Edwards, 1905 – Parody) celebrates the RV life-style and the love of the open road. Big Rock Candy Mountain fantasizes the ultimate wanderlust. The Green Leaves of Summer (Webster and Tiomkin, 1960) eulogizes the circle of life as seen from the season of plenty.

Plant a Radish (Schmidt and Jones, 1960) compares gardening with raising children. It’s a Boy’s Life (written by Bill Solly, 1975) lampoons youthful exuberance and the joys of scouting. A Letter from Camp (Allan Sherman, 1963) reminds us how awesome summer camp can be (or not!).

Summer Sounds (Sid Tepper and Raymond C. Bennett, 1965) brings thoughts of the season’s blessings home. These songs and more celebrate the hummable sounds of Summer.


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