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Most Wonderful Time

Carols and Kris Kringle was a joyous experience once again this year.  It was great being back at Davenport’s and performing with Mark Burnell is always a delight.  We had a decent size crowd, but less than we hoped with all the ads and promotion expenses.  It’s clear that my fans have seen this show one too many times.  

After some thought we’ve decided next year to take one of two courses, either take the season off or expand the show to include other performers.  I can easily see sharing some of the material that is already in the show and possibly expanding the song list to include other performers’ featured material (especially if that material fits the theme).  So here is a chance for collaboration.  Please let me know if you have any interest in joining us.   

If I do end up taking next season off from Santa Songs, that doesn’t mean I’ll not be singing,  since several pieces from the show have already been welcome at open mic nights and elsewhere and that will continue.  Also, I may take the opportunity to record the program for CD. 

Thanks to all my collaborators, friends and followers, and for now Santa says “to all a Good Night.”




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