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Santa Songs 2015 comments

What people are saying about Santa Songs (2015)

“I went to Santa Songs at Piano forte on December 6th, 2015. Daniel Johnson has put together a great show. Full of classic holiday stories and songs that you may or may not know. Daniel brings his obvious love of the season and his subject to the stage with wit, joy, and presence. His open-hearted performance is free of ego or pretense and invites us to enjoy the wonder of St. Nick through his own admiring gaze.”

Theo Geer

“You did a wonderful job of telling the many stories about that jolly old man, Santa.  I learned a lot from you.  I loved how you so skillfully wove the songs and stories together into a captivating holiday cabaret show.

I sat there thinking how great this show would be for audiences looking for a different kind of Christmas season show but which still has some of the familiar melodies along with the new and continues to honor the joy, love and spirit of the season. I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

Carol Weston

Chicago Cabaret Professionals Advisory Board

“I should preface this by sharing that I’m not typically a fan of the Christmas season. I’m actually a bit of a grinch. Some friends invited me to see this show, however, and I’m glad I attended. There’s a sense of whimsy and gentleness that I’ve been missing in this season, and I found it again with Daniel. He’s brought together an excellent repertoire of storytelling and song and got me laughing while he shared it! For at least the time I was watching, I regained a childhood sense of wonder regarding Ol’ St. Nick that I barely recognized. Daniel evokes a sense of warmth and light while he presents, and I don’t know if I’ll ever feel so welcomed into an experience like this again.”

George McGeorge




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