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Spring Show After Glow

The show was warmly received by the friends and neighbors at Counter Coffee.  I’m always impressed when the Burl Ives material goes over.  I’m referring to “Lavender Blue” in this case.  I do love doing it.  And particularly fulfilling was my new medley of songs from Canterbury Tales, the musical.  Chaucer’s prologue is such fun to do to musical accompaniment.   It reminds me of the monologues in “The Fantasticks”.

Many thanks to my friends from SongShop.  It is great sharing the work with you.  Both Mark Burnell and Claudia Hommel are wonderful mentors and I recommend them both.

Towards the end of my rehearsal period I realized that the Magic of Spring is “folk heavy”.  Perhaps that is why I sense that the material belongs more in a coffee shop setting rather than a night club.  Is it time for a folk revival including more coffee shop venues?  I hope so.

My next show, already in development is “Wilde and Woolley”.  It’s the story of Monty Woolley and Cole Porter’s inner circle featuring the works of Cole Porter and his contemporaries.  That should be much more appropriate for a night club setting.   We are planning a debut in Chicago at Davenports in October.


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