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Time Travel in Forest Park

Summer Sounds is having a revival for one night only August 22 at Counter Coffee, 7324 West Madison in Forest Park, gathering for refreshments around 7:30 with show to follow. The event is free except for tips and goodies. The program invites a fantasy of a period when carousels turned to calliope music and barber-shop quartets serenaded in shady lanes.

The common thread is romance, for just as the ideal get-away today involves companionship, love can have no more ideal setting than the shore. We enjoy summer most when we are on vacation and road trips feature large in most peoples’ appreciation of the season. Freedom to roam, at least for a time, is one of the values for which we most yearn. We’ll explore these urges. Times of plenty, the cycle of life, and the activities of youth are exalted as the show comes around full circle to the music from the carousel.

When you care a good deal about the future, it can be comforting to be in touch with the past. How can we know where we’re going unless we appreciate where we’ve been? Sometimes we sense that we don’t know what we’ve lost until it is long gone. But just as we hope for progress ahead, it bolsters us to celebrate what we cherish about our past.

The things that bind us together by common experience are celebrated when we indulge in nostalgia. Not that our view of days gone by is accurate. We know it is not. The rose colored glasses of hind-sight may lend it an amusing tint. But these trips into nostalgia often involve satiric commentary. For we stipulate the distance between pleasant memories and messy history. And so we have a laugh at the follies of the season.

Isn’t it is good, from time to time, to exercise the muscles that we use when we travel backwards? I hope you’ll want to come along for a dive into the nostalgic sounds of summers past, enjoying where we’re at as together we look forward to tomorrow.


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2 thoughts on “Time Travel in Forest Park

  1. Wish I could be there Friday 8/22 — am living in downtown PDX now, and helping out the costume coordinator on Michael Snider’s Lakewood production of Young Frankenstein, the Musical. Just played Judge Appleton in Oh, Kay! at The Shedd (the old 1st Baptist at Broadway & High) in Eugene, and had a speaking part in episode 14 of the third season of NBC’s GRIMM. Glad to have found my old Rego Park flatmate.

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