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“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao Tzu

When multiple opportunities arise, it is challenging to know which way to go. Right now my muse is telling me to dwell in the land of all of the above for a bit before setting off. I have discovered a model in the vocal style of Burl Ives, but I’m not quite ready to put my energies into a full tribute show. Yet most of my programming includes works associated with Ives. So I don’t doubt that a tribute show will emerge eventually and will be a rewarding project.

“Wilde and Woolley” is in development and the soonest I see performing it would be the winter of 2015. I’m working on the material with both music director Mathew Ellenwood and Claudia Hommel, my coach in SongShop. My hopes for creating this celebration of Cole Porter’s inner circle date back to the 1990’s. I’m thinking it should be pretty good wine by the time it is eventually served up.

Before spring gives way to summer I hope to present a few pieces of “It’s Spring Again” at open mic nights around town. “Poisoning Pigeons” was a hit at STRUT and I’d like to make it the third piece in my selections from the spring show. But I don’t see the spring show fully produced until 2015.

Matthew is guiding me toward working on the exiting new material in my fall show and a venue which greatly excites me is a possibility. So Another Autumn may be my next focus. It is true that fall is my favorite of the seasons, so that may be the way to go. And when we go we will go with faith in the journey and a happy heart.


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