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Davenport’s Debut

Last night I made my Davenport’s debut.

For those who are not familiar with Chicago Cabaret, Davenport’s is a prime venue which happens to be the “home-bar” of the Chicago Cabaret Professionals. The program went very well and I thought I was well received. I performed a set chosen to introduce my work to the community answering the many questions I’ve had as to when they’d be hearing me sing.

I did my opening number from Boy Meets Boy the sophisticated and witty “Me” by Bill Solly, followed by a special interpretation of “Please Don’t Make Me Be Good” by Cole Porter and finished with “Poisoning Pigeons” by Tom Lehrer which David thinks (and I agree) kind of nails my Monty Woolley image. It gave me a chance to allude to my plans for Wilde and Woolley and let those in doubt know where I’m coming from!

Many of my fellow CCPers and SongShoppers attended as well as my spouse, David, and voice teacher, Matthew. It was an honor to be chosen for this prestigious showcase and a great pleasure to work with Nick Sula who was our music director and splendid accompanist.

I heard several supportive comments about my planned Wilde and Woolley project and people wanted to know when they will see it! I guess that means I’m committed. Let’s hope that Davenport’s will be interested in hosting it. David thinks it’s the right project for next steps with CCP.

There are several other irons in the fire however and I’ll be making my way through a number of options for next steps in general. I’m working toward an open mic night later in May, but am not fixed yet on what to perform.

Meanwhile I’ll just bask in the after-glow of an excellent Davenports – CCP Strut Your Stuff debut.


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