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St. Bridget Delivers Me

Personal business too momentous for this blog has held my attention since the first of the year. See my Facebook page for more on that news.

Better late than never, however, to note that the 2013 Santa Songs in Lakeview was a success. I had larger audiences than before and the sponsors made money. I enjoyed my collaboration with Matthew Ellenwood (Music Director/Accompanist) and look forward to more work with him in the future.

The creative sparks of the winter fires have been lighting my way to new projects. I have clear musical plans for the rest of the winter and spring. St. Bridget shown bright at Imbolc.

Most notably, my vision for a Chicago cabaret act supplemental to the Songs for the Season scheme has started to gel. I’ve made no secret of my enthusiasm for Cole Porter. I believe I have found a way to approach a Cole Porter show featuring many of his best comedy songs which will tell the story of his private motives and his inner circle. This is going into development now. More details as they emerge.

Last year I worked up a “Birdsong Medley” which I hope to perform along with “Spring is Here” and “Poisoning Pigeons in the Park.” Venue TBD. I have applied to participate in Strut Your Stuff with CCP in April and have a plan for that also should it come to fruition.

Praise to the Goddess for lighting the way through the dark winter hours. I’m full of inner fire.


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