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Another Autumn

August and September, 2013 were spent consolidating progress with on-going projects. I worked with Andrew Blendermann on finalizing a wonderful opening medley for “It’s Spring Again” featuring two works by Cole Porter and songs made famous by Al Jolson. Andrew and I also managed to gather materials to put together my version of Burl Ives “Big Rock Candy Mountain” for a revised Summer Songs.

I caught up on some theatre going and saw a lot of cabaret. I also participated in two cabaret seminars where I learned quite a bit but haven’t blogged about. The most important focus has been my work with Matthew Ellenwood. In September we began rehearsing the 2013 version of “Santa Songs” which will be presented as a benefit for Brotherhood of the Phoenix in Lakeview in December. See the “Santa Songs” tab above for details.

The most momentous achievement in this period was our successful incorporation of “Songs for the Season Entertainments, LLC” with me as Chairman and my partner David M. Stephens as Secretary/Treasurer.

On the creative side, I have been refining a song list which I hope to eventually present as “Another Autumn.” I’m particularly excited to have found a beautiful folk song setting for “The Frost is on the Pumpkin” which could hold a similar programming placement as “Night Before Christmas Jig” in Santa Songs.

Happy Haloween and many spookey returns!


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