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July has been a busy month for Daniel. After a year residing in the Oak Park, IL arts district I moved to a larger apartment nearer downtown Oak Park. With this move I hope to put down some roots in Chicagoland while retaining my family home in SW Michigan as a “get-away.” It’s such a privilege to cultivate a town and country lifestyle!

Aside from getting resettled, I continue to enjoy the riches of what cabaret in Chicago has to offer. On July 20 I attended a special concert at the Katten-Landau Studio of the Auditorium Theatre. They presented “Life is a Cabaret” with Scott Gryder and Nick Sula (Phil Martin, on drums). I have been following Mr. Sula (as music director) and his partner Mr. Gryder ever since joining Chicago Cabaret Professionals. They were among the first performers I noted for special attention and I have seen them perform at several venues.

So when Scott announced the revival of last year’s tribute to the words and music of Kander and Ebb I knew that this event would be a must see! It proved to be (so far) a high-point of my summer theatre-going. Billed as a 50th year celebration of the start of the Kander and Ebb collaboration, it was everything that a tribute show should be. That is, firstly, a balanced and enlightening journey through the unique collaboration (which only ended with the death of lyricist Fred Ebb in 2004) and secondly and probably more importantly, an appealing and felicitous match between material and performer.

There is already a musical revue “And the World Goes Round” based on the same material which requires a small ensemble to present. It is remarkable that Mr. Gryder and his collaborators have created a program that achieves a similar entertainment value full of range and variety for solo performance. Anyone who loves the works of Kander and Ebb will find this program very satisfying. Speaking for myself I was most gratified to hear “Colored Lights” which sent me over the moon and the selections from Kiss of the Spider Woman which appealed to my hunger for the quirky and dramatic. Others have made “Ring Them Bells” something of a required selection and Mr. Gryder did not disappoint with his rousing rendition.

But it is what the performer brings to this material that is golden here. Scott Gryder is one of those absolutely unique and inimitable performers that send his audiences away murmuring “what a character!” How to describe him? He proves that good things sometimes come in small packages. He has a boy-like, you might say diminutive, figure but he is an absolute power-house as a performer. With a resonant tenor and superb musicianship, he starts off on a high (that’s where he seems to reside) and just goes higher and higher. But that’s not all. The “boy” sure can act! The performance ranges from pure show-biz pizzazz to the most searching and tender emotional territory.

It seems to me that Mr. Gryder is one of those artists who dances nimbly from character acting to singing. I’m tempted to call him a character singer. It may have been a “no brainer” for him to assay Cabaret since he is unquestionably able to “cover” the Joel Gray part at a high level of accomplishment. But who would have thought that he also brings the warmth and whimsy of Minnelli and the awesome energy of Rivera to the work.

This is one of the things that cabaret as an art form does best, melding the unique talents of performer and material. I think this act will be a signature for Gryder and Co. as long as they wish to pursue it and audiences will be richer for the experience. I know I am.


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