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Spring Is Here

Literally, spring is here! But no, I’m not singing that sad song from I Married and Angel by Rodgers and Hart which I used to sing. I couldn’t sing that now, no, not at all. The only thing I have to be sad about is that winter will not lose its icy grip around here. And I am ready for a change in the weather. But unlike with that lonely song, I am in love!

I found a song I like about finding love in spring that really fits my mood. It’s by Lerner and Lowe (from The Day Before Spring) called “This is my Holiday.” I can’t wait to work on it.

So what is happening with my cabaret project for the season? “It’s Spring Again” (working title) is in the planning stage and will not be performed this year all-together. What I do plan to do is to work on highlights from it to take to open-mic nights as I hone my craft and get better known in Chicagoland.

To that end I have a music director/accompanist with whom I’m working, Andrew Blendermann who is inventive and skilled and an excellent coach. He also plays at multiple piano bars where I may try out material. And this I plan to do.

As far as mounting “Songs for the Season” projects I will be looking at longer time-horizons to take any show into production before next fall. There are business aspects that I’m working on as well as creative development.

Following up on Beckie Menzie’s advice, I have another wonderful collaborator, voice teacher (and music director/composer) Matthew Ellenwood with whom I study voice and explore the material for “Lyrics by Shakespeare.” This work is on-going.

I also consulted Louise Cloutier, a composer and director, with whom I’m exploring collaboration. More to come on my exploits in Chicago cabaret.


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