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When does a supportive fan base become a community? For one when Beckie Menzie celebrates her twenty-five years in the Chicago music scene. The out-pouring of love for what Beckie offers was spectacular during her anniversary concert on March 3, 2013 at Mayne Stage in Rogers Park. It was extraordinary to witness.

The recently restored and renovated space holding 230 some people was overflowing with her faithful followers. The place was packed and when I greeted the patrons next to me they asked, “Didn’t I see you at Beckie’s Christmas concert at Davenports?” Yep, it is that kind of dedicated group.

The talent on display was undeniable. Few musicians give better keyboard and she sings with great personality and style. But the little something extra was noteworthy for some of us who “study” entertainment. Beckie’s concert was exemplary for rising to its own standards. As a teacher Beckie is always promoting “best practices.” As a performer she lives up to them.

Her program was full of dynamic variety and yet was focused on telling her personal story. Everything she did was sincerely personal and intimately shared. I can’t overstate how valuable it is when a mentor leads by example.

The connection with her audience was palpable, and of course this skill is something all great entertainers share. But beyond that, I sense a generosity which is fostered in the cabaret community. There is a dedication to the value of self-expression through song. And that dedication and generosity seem to be fostered so beautifully by what Beckie Menzie does. Her fans were there to celebrate all of her accomplishments, not just her talent but also her generosity.

The Chicago Tribune carried an article about Beckie’s celebration if you want to know more. For me there couldn’t have been a better way to top-off my “big cabaret weekend.”


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