Songs for the Season

Unique Musical Programs

Program Lyrics by Shakespeare

Below is the initial plan for the songs in the new program. The lyrics are indeed by Shakespeare, except where noted. The music sources are noted. I will be looking for collaborators for original musical settings for #1, #2, #3 and #10 and arrangements for most of the others. I want the music to sound (or at least have the appeal of) folk-rock. The show will also contain patter and poems to illuminate the story told in the synopsis.

1. Sigh No More, Ladies (music after trad. “Lusty Gallant”
in Duffin, p. 372)

2. Who Is Sylvia? (after “O, Ye Happy Dames” in Duffin, p. 460)

3. Why Was Not I A Flood? (Passionate Pilgrim #6 attributed to Shakespeare, music original, my dummy)

4. Tell Me Where Is Fancy Bred (after Robert Johnson, circa 1590,
arr. Charles Vincent)

5. O, Mistress Mine (William Byrd, 1611, arr. Charles Vincent)

6. Then Live With Me And Be My Love (lyric Marlow/Raliegh,
music W. Conklin, 1612, Kines p. 25)

7. Come Kiss Me Kate (trad. round, from Duffin, p. 101)

8. It Was a Lover and His Lass (Thomas Morley, 1600, in Kine p. 46)

9. Hey Robin, Jolly Robin (lyric Wyatt, music Cornishe, circa 1523, in Kine, p. 12 and Duffin, p. 47)

10. Rich In Will (Shakespeare’s Sonnet #135, music original, my dummy)

11. Willow Song (trad. lute tune circa 1583, arr. Charles Vincent)

12. So Sweet is She (lyric, Ben Jonson, music Robert Johnson, 1611)

13. Greensleeves (trad., arr. Charles Vincent)

14. Fear No More the Heat o’the Sun (music Edwards c. 1558
in Duffin, p. 142

15. Sing No More Ditties (reprise of #1)

My primary resources are:
Duffin, Ross. “Shakespeare’s Songbook” W.W. Norton and Co., New York. 2004.
Kines, Tom. Songs for Shakepseare’s Plays. Oak Publications, New York. 1964.


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