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Christmas Wrap

Just as we put away our Christmas gear and holiday regalia at home it’s time for me to wrap up the 2012 Santa Songs.

I had several accomplishments this year. I made a Chicagoland debut in Glenview, IL with my new collaborator-accompanist Paul Goldman. At that time I was able to make an audio recording which should yield a demo tape for future promotions. Word of mouth from this small but appreciative audience was very positive.

I then took the show to Amish Acres in Nappanee, Indiana (home of the Round Barn Theatre) where I entertained diners at the theatre’s theme dinner nights before they attended the 2012 production of “Miracle on 34th St.” The feed-back here was also very gratifying.

The approach for this event was an adjustment because I was hired as back-ground singer. It’s slightly different than how you engage an audience in cabaret. The program was augmented by three songs for this performance to meet the time requirements and I very much enjoyed working with my original accompanist, Liesl Bell.

For the final performance in Nappanee I managed to hire a videographer to record the performance. This video recording should also be useful for future promotions.

Several of the songs which were previously un-arranged improvisations are now on paper thanks to my work with Paul. I also worked up an improvised arrangement for the theme song from Meredith Willson’s “Here’s Love” which proved to be effective and which should be straight forward when I’m able to work with an arranger (I made an attempt to hire a professional for that job, but the crush of activities around holiday time proved to be prohibitive). I look forward to getting my rendition of Here’s Love (song) down on paper at the soonest opportunity.

Watch this blog for the demo tapes which are in the works and which will be posted here as soon as they are available. The Christmas season certainly will roll around again and next year I hope to get an earlier start on producing what is becoming an ever-more polished program.


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