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No tootsie wootsie for me!

So, I’ve decided that the lyric “tootsie-wootsie” gives me the heebie-jeebies.  The working title for my summer show will need to be changed.  The “Good Old Summertime” may be an instrumental (perhaps an overture because it sets the right tone).  But those lyrics will not be uttered by me!  There’s nothing wrong with Judy Garland’s movie, but can’t sing those words.

I’ve been away for much of the month of March and April spending time in Florida (fabulous Disney World) and Chicago.  But I’m back to the creative tasks at hand.  My working title is now “In the Season of Plenty” but that doesn’t sound like much fun, so I’m also tinkering with “Summer Smiles”.  How about Plenty of Summer Smiles?  Oh, well, I’ll get there.

This post will be the final entry concerning the ground work for my enterprise so I’d like to note at this point some of the resources that have been guiding me.  I have joined the Chicago Cabaret Professionals as an associate member.  I’ve been attending open mike nights and cabaret performances again.  I used to go a lot when I lived in NYC and San Francisco.  But I’m just catching up with the scene here (and in Florida).

I found my copy of “The Cabaret Artist’s Handbook” which is a collection of essays by Bob Harrington edited by Sherry Eaker.  The late Mr. Harrington covered the cabaret scene for the press while I was in NYC so I often read his columns when they first came out.  This collection is invaluable general information.

I’m busy rehearsing my material which is about 95% chosen, there may be last minute tweaks to the program, but I’ll go into that more in my subsequent posts.  And then I’m beginning to concentrate on the producing side of the project, shooting for a summer-solstice debut.

I had wonderful re-enforcement while I was visiting the Magic Kingdom.  One cast member who was jollying me up said I looked just like Burl Ives.  That made my day.  I hope it makes my career.  The kind a material that Burl Ives liked, starting with folk music and Americana with a heavy lean towards sentiment and novelty is exactly my cup of tea.  And I couldn’t find a better image than the funny uncle with which Ives presented.  Got it, now to get it!


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